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Pre-Competitive 5-6 Year Olds (4-6 hours/week)

These groups are a 'stepping stone' between recreational and competitive programs, and they provide an evaluation period: does the child enjoy this type of training? Can she meet competitive standards? Training hours are limited to prevent 'burnout' and to leave the child eager for more. Much time is spent learning the general motor patterns and the physical and mental habits necessary for a competitive gymnast. Gymnasts are gradually exposed to the 'flight' and 'height' aspects of our sport and proper landing technique and safety falls are introduced. The basic body positions and basic gymnastic terminology is learned. Gymnasts are given fairly short, straightforward goals in order to accommodate the short attention spans of younger participants. Some games are used for physical development and team socialization: the girls must learn to trust/depend upon themselves, coaches, and teammates. Conditioning and its importance are introduced at a basic level: little independent work is done. These gymnasts are introduced to performance and audience situations in gradually increasing ways (from one on one during training to group displays).


Pre-Competitive 7-8 Year Olds (6-9 Hours/Week)

These gymnasts are working toward being on a competitive team, and the evaluation process continues: is she physically capable, can she handle the hours, does she want the commitment? Training hours are progressively increased to accommodate increasing learning expectations. Development of motor patterns and behaviour specific to gymnastics is continued. The 'foundation' of basic competitive skills is strongly emphasized. The girls are given slightly longer and less direct goals and motivations to direct them toward competition preparation. Now, the gymnasts are expected to perform independent tasks. Total conditioning becomes routine in their programs: physical development is important. Performance exposure is continued and may include participation in a mock meet toward the end of the season for those who are ready.


Invitational/Qualifying Competitive (6-12 hours/Week) 

Girls selected to this stream are enthusiastic about further developing their skill level, and in learning routines on each event in preparation for competitions. These gymnasts will be given the opportunity to compete in Invitational or Qualifying meets. Athletes who meet the qualifying score are invited to go to Championships. The emphasis is on having each athlete put in their best effort during training and at competitions, and on enjoying the experiences of training and competing.


Provincial optional competitive (12-18 Hours/Week)

Athletes selected to be in this program must have high levels of ability, desire, dedication and concentration. They must also have a high level of parental support. If they have been deemed ready to compete by their coach and the competitive coordinator, they will try to earn a spot to compete at Ontario Championships by competing in 2-3 Provincial Qualifying Meets held each season. These gymnasts will also have the opportunity to compete in several invitational competitions, as selected by the Competitive Coordinator.

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