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Independent Classes for Ages 3-5

Children are instructed in small groups with a certified coach. Kindergym continues with our goal of promoting the sport of gymnastics and fitness. Coaches tailor their lessons to suit the children’s age and ability.

Kindergym (ages 3-5)
This program encourages the development of co-ordination, balance, fitness and basic gymnastic skills in an enjoyable, motivating way. Our smaller equipment helps boost confidence and allows children to explore and learn gymnastics skills with greater independence.

Ninjastics (ages 5-6)
An introductory class for young Ninjas to begin their training in our one-of-a-kind KGC Ninjastics Level System. Ninjastics focuses on the basics of gymnastics related to free running and parkour movements. Participants will develop strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness. The class will focus on landings, jumps, springs, swings, and supports using various body parts.

Recreational Juniors (ages 5-6)
This Juniors program is a stepping stone between Kindergym and Recreational for Kindergym aged children who are ready to move towards a more mature and structured class / young Recreational aged children not yet ready for the 6-9 age range. Our recreational classes offer girls the opportunity to work on physical development and gymnastics skills in a friendly and challenging atmosphere. The programs are designed to allow each gymnast to progress through the KGC Level System according to their interest and ability. No experience is necessary at any age.

Advanced Kindergym (ages 4-5) INVITE ONLY
The goal of this advanced program is to provide challenge and enjoyment for the young talented children, while preparing them to comfortably move into our Pre-Competitive program. In order to participate in an advanced program, the child must have been recommended by a KGC coach and/or been evaluated in a formal tryout.  Children will build their skills by strengthening their bodies, increasing their flexibility, and practicing progressions that are technically sound.


Gym Attire 

Participants should be dressed in something they can easily move in that is free of strings, hoods, zippers etc. that could get caught on equipment or injure themselves. They are also required to be in bare feet with no bracelets, necklaces, earrings (other than small studs), or other jewelry as it can also cause injury.

Gym Attire - Advanced Kindergym

Participants are encouraged to wear a one piece body suit. They may wear tight fitting shorts over top if they wish. Hair must be secured back so that it can not touch the eye area. Participants are also required to be in bare feet with no bracelets, necklaces, earrings (other than small studs), or other jewelry as it can also cause injury. 


The Kingston Gymnastics Club is a bright, 9800 square foot facility that offers equipment for boys and girls of all ages. The gym features a full sized floor, beams at a variety of heights, sets of single and uneven bars, two vault areas, an in ground trampoline and large mesh pit area. The gym also has various “Just For Kids” areas designed for our smallest participants to help develop confidence and learn with more independence. We have a second floor viewing area and our facility is fully air conditioned. 

At all times during classes, there is at least one supervisor who has First Aid and CPR training. All of our coaches are certified with the National Coaching Certification Program and receive in-club training.

Participants and Age Requirements
Our maximum ratio for Kindergym and Keener Kindergym is 6:1. Participants should be the minimum age for the program they are registering for prior to the first class of the session. However, if space and groupings permit, the Program Coordinator may allow a child to be registered for a program if they are turning the minimum age during the session. We do reserve the right to transfer/credit the child during the session if, in our judgment, the child is not ready for the program.

Class Viewing
Only staff and participants are allowed in the gym during class time. We have a second floor viewing area available to watch the class.

Make Up Classes
There are no make up classes if you are unable to attend your regular class. If KGC is forced to cancel a class due to inclement weather, a facility issue, or coach absenteeism, every effort will be made to provide a make-up class.

Drop Off & Pick Up
Please drop off your child no earlier than 5 minutes before class, and pick them up no later than 5 minutes after class. 

Registration & Payment
We encourage parents to register as early as possible for classes as we have a maximum per class. Full payment is required at registration in order to ensure your child's spot. We accept cash, debit, Visa, MasterCard, and Cheque.

Refunds & Credits
If you are a NEW member and you/or your child are not completely satisfied after your first class, Kingston Gymnastics Club will refund your full session tuition minus the attended class, excluding your membership fee.  After your first class, Kingston Gymnastics Club maintains a NO REFUND policy on all of our fees in order to ensure proper safety and staffing for our classes and events. If you are not satisfied with your class, and it is approved by the Coordinator, we may be able to issue a credit for future use.

Class Changes
If space is available a parent may request a change of class. An administrative fee of $10.00 will be charged for each class change made at a parent’s request.

Allergy Alert
Please be advised we have participants at our gym with severe peanut allergies. Please do not bring any food items containing peanuts into our facility.

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